Thursday, December 3, 2009

Under the Weather.... Child that is.

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What can I say about the Saucy Dark Goddess Kiwi with the voice that can melt earphones in half a heartbeat. - Well she's a hell of an author for one thing.

I'll touch on some of her other podcasts (no pun intended) but this is mostly a review for Weather Child.

Pip could read the phone listings for proctologists and I'd listen to it just because I love the sound of her voice and her accent. That said once again she's done a hell of a job. Weather Child is a great adventure. It is a whirlwind (again no pun intended) ride that leaves you wanting more. Seriously the only issue I had is that I wanted more of it I wanted longer episodes and much longer run. I'd listen to it even if it were read by Fran Drescher, and I cannot stand her voice.

One of the things I like about the story is the bouncing back and forth between Jack and Faith and their very different perspective about their powers. I also liked the vivid painting of New Zealand in that period. It's a story that puts it's hooks into you so gently that you don't even realize it until you decide hey it's time to turn off the Ipod and go to bed... well one more episode won't kill me... Ladies and Gentlemen just like Jays Potato Chips you can't stop at just one, but unlike the chips it won't accumulate on you butt and hips!!!

Seriously just like I expected out of Pip great characterization you really were able to feel like Lily, Faith, and Jack were alive you get drawn into them and when the bad bad things happen to them (and yes some serious evil is laid down) you genuinely get pissed for them. It's a great story great characterization and a hell of a ride. Let's not forget the smooth sultry tones of the Lovely Miss Ballentine doing the narration - Also Features the voice of some guy... can't think of his name... it's a letter...oh yeah P.. wait no G... D.... Dee Morris wait that's still not quite it... Tee that was it Tee Morris.

Pip is another one that I don't like to listen to their work until it's complete because I get so sucked into it that it drives me to distraction.

Some of Philippa's other works are Chasing the Bard (Awesome story about Shakespeare and the Fae), She's currently releasing Digital Magic the sequel to Chasing the bard as part of the Triple Threat with JD Sawyer of the Anithesis Progression and Chris Lester of Metamor City, and she also has an Erotica Podcast (hence the no pun intended earlier when I was talking about touching) Erotica Ala Carte - Due to the fact that I love my wife and respect her views and wishes I will not be reviewing that Podcast - But I will say this - That voice applied to THAT kind of podcast, I think some people might need some alone time during / after listening. AND I will encourage others that are into that kind of thing to give it a listen

Pip thanks for the stories, can't wait to listen to what's next but of course I have to wait for it to finish.