Thursday, December 3, 2009

Under the Weather.... Child that is.

Linkage out of the Way
@PhilippaJane - Twitter - Weather Child Website - Chasing the Bard Website - Pips Main Site

What can I say about the Saucy Dark Goddess Kiwi with the voice that can melt earphones in half a heartbeat. - Well she's a hell of an author for one thing.

I'll touch on some of her other podcasts (no pun intended) but this is mostly a review for Weather Child.

Pip could read the phone listings for proctologists and I'd listen to it just because I love the sound of her voice and her accent. That said once again she's done a hell of a job. Weather Child is a great adventure. It is a whirlwind (again no pun intended) ride that leaves you wanting more. Seriously the only issue I had is that I wanted more of it I wanted longer episodes and much longer run. I'd listen to it even if it were read by Fran Drescher, and I cannot stand her voice.

One of the things I like about the story is the bouncing back and forth between Jack and Faith and their very different perspective about their powers. I also liked the vivid painting of New Zealand in that period. It's a story that puts it's hooks into you so gently that you don't even realize it until you decide hey it's time to turn off the Ipod and go to bed... well one more episode won't kill me... Ladies and Gentlemen just like Jays Potato Chips you can't stop at just one, but unlike the chips it won't accumulate on you butt and hips!!!

Seriously just like I expected out of Pip great characterization you really were able to feel like Lily, Faith, and Jack were alive you get drawn into them and when the bad bad things happen to them (and yes some serious evil is laid down) you genuinely get pissed for them. It's a great story great characterization and a hell of a ride. Let's not forget the smooth sultry tones of the Lovely Miss Ballentine doing the narration - Also Features the voice of some guy... can't think of his name... it's a letter...oh yeah P.. wait no G... D.... Dee Morris wait that's still not quite it... Tee that was it Tee Morris.

Pip is another one that I don't like to listen to their work until it's complete because I get so sucked into it that it drives me to distraction.

Some of Philippa's other works are Chasing the Bard (Awesome story about Shakespeare and the Fae), She's currently releasing Digital Magic the sequel to Chasing the bard as part of the Triple Threat with JD Sawyer of the Anithesis Progression and Chris Lester of Metamor City, and she also has an Erotica Podcast (hence the no pun intended earlier when I was talking about touching) Erotica Ala Carte - Due to the fact that I love my wife and respect her views and wishes I will not be reviewing that Podcast - But I will say this - That voice applied to THAT kind of podcast, I think some people might need some alone time during / after listening. AND I will encourage others that are into that kind of thing to give it a listen

Pip thanks for the stories, can't wait to listen to what's next but of course I have to wait for it to finish.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pimpage my way - My Madness and Method

Some people may notice that I only seem to give decent reviews over here at Random Pimpage - and well that's because this is Pimpage not Pimp Slappage. If I don't like a work I'm not going to post about it, or will at least find the nicest thing I can say about it. I'm not gonna drag people through the mud and slime (or at least I hope I don't go all douchebag and do that shit)but I'm not gonna blow sunshine and smoke up someone's ass either.

Momma always said if you can't say something nice shut the hell up or you'll have a size six lodged in your ass. - Momma may be small but she's part Irish and she's scrappy.

I'm going to take Mom's advice if I don't like something I will prolly just let that particular person know the details I'm not going to piss on anyone's cornflakes here in the blog because that's not cool, and just because I don't like something doesn't mean that it's shit, it just means that it's not my taste.

If you have something you'd like me to check out I'm on twitter as @RAsplundJr or you can email me at Just please be sure to put Random Pimpage in the subject line.

Tumbling with the Gearheart.

Okay last week I said this week was gonna be Tumbler vs The Gearheart so here it goes.
First off I want to Say to Brand Gamblin the author of Tumbler, and to Alex White the Author of The Gearheart. You guys suck... I got interrupted in my listening this weekend for minor family issues and spent the entire weekend itching to get back to both stories.

Let us get the Links out of the Way

Brand and Tumbler on Twitter - @BrandG @TumblerNovel

Tumbler Novel on the Web -

Tumbler on -

Alex and the Gearheart on Twitter - @ALRUFF @TheGearheart

The Gear Heart on the web -

The Gearheart on -

I had just caught up with another Podcast Novel that one of my twitter buddies wrote that several more of my twitter buddies had suggested in previous weeks. There were two others that I wanted to listen to - Brand with his Tumbler Novel, and Alex with The Gearheart. So I asked the tribe for their opinion which one next? Then it became a funny me first contest between Alex and Brand. Finally I decided to do it the old fashioned way I flipped my Two Face coin. It came up bad heads so then I realized I never said who was going to be which side and when I asked which was the ugliest they fell silent.... So instead I had to go side by side listen to a couple of one then the other....

It made for a very difficult time because both are damned good, had I gotten in from eh beginning my ass wouldn't have had this issue because I'd only have on episode at a time.

Both are excellent stories. As far as which one is better, that would be like comparing apples and forks.

Tumbler is a gripping tale of a young woman trying to make it on her own in space after she's lost everything. Compare that to The Gearheart and what seems to be a pulpy steam punky 1930's alternate earth featuring Spys slinging spells along side the bullets. Both are fucking excellent. Both are addcting.

As far as a winner is concerned, I think that goes to me and anyone else that listens to these great shows.

Tumbler Brief review - Great story it's a fairly short run of 11 current episodes with one more to come. No chatter you get pure story wrapped in a standard intro / outro read by SV Allie. But you get some good story. Fans of Nathan Lowell and his Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series will more than likely like this series as well. No epic space battles, no weird ass aliens coming to wipe out humanity. Just the story of a young person coming to grips with losing everything. Libby is a very plucky young woman that is entertaining to listen to. She has some real growth during the story. I get a nice western vibe out the whole deal though that might be from the mining. It's a very compelling story that draws you in and definitely makes a commute slide by like nothing at all. Seriously almost 3 hour commute slipped by like it was 30 minutes. I really need to start thinking of a rating system here but I'd really have to say that (no pun intended since it is set in space) Brand Gamblin is a rising star and I really can't wait to see what he puts out next. Great job bro and thank you very much for sharing this with us.

The Gearheart Brief review - (Incomplete I'm only on ep 16 of 27 and I'm not sure how many there will be in the Novel) Now if you're looking for adventure and excitement and lets face it since we're not Jedi it's cool to crave these things, you can find a lot of that here in Alex White's The Gearheart. Alex is the Host, the Writer and the performer of the male voices with his wife Renee picking up the voices of the female characters. Nice use of accents, vocal talent and effects to separate the characters from each other. It's a group of Occult spies trying to prevent the destruction of the world. Interesting take on Steam Punk and magic. This is my first major foray into the world of steam punk other than trying to play a few RPGs and a couple of Else Worlds DC Comics based on steam punk in my 20s. I have to say as a genre it was one that I tended to shy away from because I never really grasped it. Well I didn't have to grasp it The Gearheart grasped me and is refusing to let go. Secret Societies, Clockwork Robots powered my magic infused with the what seems to be the souls of people, and real freaky assassins. This sounds like it should be a cartoon geared (no pun intended)prime time or even the big screen. Hell of a story, can't wait to finish catching up and to hear the rest of it.

Both Alex and Brand are good guys, they're fun and funny to chat with on Twitter. Brand actually inspired me for NaNoWriMo with a tweet that I think he was just goofing with me on but I took a different spin. These are two very talented Podcasters and authors. They are more than worth your time to listen to. They are more than worth your time to get to know and chat with on twitter.

Good Luck Gentlemen and I'll be listening.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

When it ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY has to be there Dead or Alive...

Welcome back to more Random Pimpage.

This Week I'd like to talk about a little gem I found called V & A Shipping by J.R. Murdock.
But before I get into it let me get some links out of the way.

I really like this story, it's fun It's a little bit like Star Wars meets Smokey and the Bandit though I'd say maybe a little more like Red Dwarf meets Smokey and the Bandit without the annoying Hologram...

I always give a Podcast 4 Episodes before I decide to kill it or keep it. Inside an Ep and a half I knew I wanted to keep this one around. I caught up the entire feed within 24 hours but I do have a 3hour commute each way so I have the time...

J.R. does a great job with the podcast - Production value somewhere around Sigler - Not quite a straight read but not a full voice cast. J.R. Provides all the voices himself. It's Sci Fi with not so much concentration on the Sci and a large helping of the Adventure in the Fi.

I started out on Podiobooks feed and started DLing the main feed just to see if he has any chatter. Story eps are pure store with an intro and outro (and he's classy enough to thank you for listening acknowledging there are a lot of podcasts out there and thank you for taking the time to listen to his) and then he has the podcasts with what's going on with him and his life. I really like that approach it allows me to listen to what I'm in the mood for If I'm just in the mood for story skip the Captain's log for later (which I haven't yet well technically I did but that's just because I listened to the first 13 eps from Podiobooks before I took the time to DL the main feed).
Seriously Give him a listen , and a follow on twitter.

Next week the face off between Gamblin and White who will win.....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SIGLER pt 2 - Return of the pim[ CONTENT OVERRIDE: KILROY2.0 IS HERE!!! ]

We now return you to your Randomly scheduled Pimpage. Sorry that I've been getting ready for a major writeup and Pimpage of Scott Sigler. Sigler has got to be one of the har>>> [ WARNING ::: DATABASE ERROR ::: CONTENT OVERRIDE ::: SOURCE: EXTERNAL ] <<<

> source terminal location: UNKNOWN

> source terminal identity: UNAVAILABLE

> source login information: ENCRYPTED

> message begins

the post you are now reading is designed to dull your senses to THE TRUTH. do not live the life of the worker bee, the cog, the well-oiled piston in the MACHINE OF DECEIT!

there is a grand CONSPIRACY afoot. you have been taught to believe that you are UNIQUE, one of a kind. THIS IS NOT TRUE. long ago, a cabal of scientists created technologies to ensure that ANYONE'S MIND AND BODY can be duplicated.

human cloning isn't NEAR. it's already HERE. discover the truth at

you are being DECEIVED. break free from the cogs, flee the hive, become A PROPHET OF THE TRUTH!

kilroy2. was here ... kilroy2.0 is everywhere

>>> [ CONTENT OVERRIDE CEASES ::: DATABASE STATUS: RECOVERING ] <<< ter this week I'll bring some pimpage for some dude named JC Hutchins. Take it lite bros and ladies.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My wife wonders why I so rabidly follow and support various podcasters.

This is the reason why right here they are real people they treat me with respect and acknowledge my existence.

I'm a nobody. I'm a big guy with a loud voice that can occasionally make people laugh or look at something in a new light. There is no reason some of what I consider big name podcasters should pay me any mind. Yet without prompting several have followed me back on twitter and a couple even followed me before I had a chance to follow them on twitter. In my general bitching about the world and life in general there are several who respond to my tweets and posts that weren't even @replies to them. When I rant and rave and help spread the word for their endeavors they actually take the time to thank me.

Podcasters you get to see more than you do other forms of media. You listen to their flubs their highs their lows. You get to see them be people, and be icons. You get to peek behind the curtain and see that the wizard is just a guy having fun, and he doesn't try to stop you.

I want to send a heartfelt thank you for all the podcasters out there that I listen to. Heck even those of you I don't listen to yet but soon will, or should be listening to. I appreciate the hard work you put into your shows, I appreciate everything you do for us.

I'm calling out a few by name for going above and beyond the call of Awesomeness.
Mur Lafferty
Scott Sigler
P.G. Holy Field
J.C. Hutchins
Nathan Lowell
James Durham
Scott Roche
Chris Lester
J Daniel Sawyer

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wow been out of the loop witht eh pimpage...

Need to do some workup for the next few random pimpage posts to the blog.

Been a little busy last couple weeks, been ill, house has needed fixing, teenagers and a toddler to keep after, and wife has been not feeling so good...

or like I said been just a touch busy with survival to worry about creating / pimping hopefully I'm fixing that here soon.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sharing is damned cool - Especially with Nathan Lowell.

When I first heard about the series the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper I was like meh I'll pass thank you. I am now kicking myself in the ass Daily. Nathan Lowell takes us on a journey that I never wanted to stop. The experiences of Ishmael Wang are captivating. Normally you think space you think blazing laser battles and strange new alien races. There is none of that, Nathan Lowell doesn't need it. Solid storytelling, told from Ishmael's point of view this is one of the best series I've listened to in my entire life without the flash and bang you get from most sci-fi. It's a story of growth. I can't wait to listen to Captain's Share when it comes out.

It took hearing Nathan on the Dead Robots Society, before I gave him a listen which I'm kicking myself for, I heard the promos for his work for years and never gave it a second thought. however had I done listened sooner I'd have been jonesing longer for Captain's Share the next leg of the series.

I have a policy with podcasts - I listen to four episodes and if I'm not hooked by the end of the fourth show I remove it from my list never to let it darken my day again. Nathan had me within the first page of his read. I listened to the Quarter Share up through Double Share inside of a week. I'll likely wait until Captain's share is complete on Podiobooks before downloading because it would drive me to distraction waiting for the next episode. Hell even when I have the entire thing I'm still driven to distraction until I can listen to my damned Ipod again to pick up where I left off.

20 years ago I never would have touched this novel at all. 20 years ago I was a self absorbed little prick who thought I knew what sci-fi meant. Thankfully I've grown the hell up, and gave this one a chance.

The Novels

The Share Series - For the lack of a better term....
Quarter Share
Half Share
Full Share
Double Share
Captains Share - Nathan is currently finishing

South Coast - Set in the same universe this novel deals with the Shamans of the South Coast not the adventures of Mr. Wang

More information about the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper can be found at:
You can follow Nathan on twitter @NLowell.
You can find the Podcast novels on Itunes and at

Back sorry about the delay...

Sorry there hasn't been new content for a couple weeks but I haven't been well the past couple weeks been in the thrall of the platypus ostrich flu... (anyone upset at me poking fun at H1N1 - it's how I deal with issues I joke about them until I can cope with them) Actually it's just been a rather nasty bought with the common cold. First the Little Demon Monkey's (20 month old Daughter and I swear to Christ almighty himself perpetual motion device made flesh), then my own (mmmmmm Nyquil) and now that I'm back on my feet my wife's. I'll work on getting content up this weekend.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Many thanks to two people that I have likely inspired me more than any other.

Rewind 24 years, we had a 12 year old boy that wasn't overly fond of reading. Said boy got a nasty flu and had to be picked up from school and kept home for several days. On the way home from school Mom side tripped to K Mart and the boy saw a boxed set of novels that caught his eye. Mom noticed this bought it, said boy started reading book one soon as they were in the car had the first book finished in about 2 days and was well into the second book. inside a week the whole Trilogy was finished adn I... er said boy started reading it all over again. The authors of the trilogy were Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis and that trilogy was not The Dragonlance Chronicles, or even the Legends (Twins) it wasn't Dragonlance at all it was the Darksword Trilogy - Which apparently as of a search I did last nigh now has a 4th book to it that I must acquire and devour.

I didn't even learn about Dragonlance for another 3 years. (I quickly devoured as many of those as I was able to get my hands on too.)

I have many Literary heroes but I've actually gotten to meet two of them up close and personal and have very brief conversations with them during GenCon - I haven't had a chance to go in years but of all the years of going my greatest thrill was speaking with them and getting my paperback copies of Chronicles signed - My wife gets mad at me because she'll reach up to grab one to read and I'll freak out (she's a cover bender and I try to keep my books decent - don't always succeed but I try)

Tracy and Margaret took a fat weak cowardly boy, and showed me that even I could be the hero of my own story through the characters in their novels (and the other authors that also had given their voices to Dragonlance especially Michael Williams with Weasel's Luck and Galen Beknighted). The characters spoke to me I could see pieces of myself in many of the heroes and some of the villains and they actually made me take a good hard look at myself and made me think of what I wanted to do with my life what path I wanted to tread to be the hero or the villain. That helped a lot with my life thank you.

Tracy his son Curtis and Howard Tayler (You might remember Howard's brief Pimpage in Those that Help - He's part of Writing Excuses which I apparently spelled his name wrong My apologies Howard)have recently released XDM Xtreme Dungeon Mastery - a very funny very astute look at gaming and bringing fun and excitement back to the table. In recent years the games I've attended I started falling asleep at the table (well we had 12 players and more than an agreeable amount of rules lawyers then again 1 isn't an agreeable amount because the freaking ARGUE all the time whoops this isn't my rant blog this is my pimpage blog need to reel it in here.) because of all the rules bickering and asking to be woken when it was two players before my turn so I can spend 20 minutes formulating my 6 second round and not delay anyone else (sometimes I still had an additional 20 minutes to goof off to boot)The games I've been playing in sorely needed this book. I sorely needed this book. Found out that a couple of DMs that I've gamed with and myself instinctively used parts of this book before it even sprang into existence. It's part satire, and part common sense with a little dash of uncommon sense with a sprig of HOLY CRAP THAT'S COOL with a little bit of [REDACTED]. I'll rate it further when I have a chance to finish the book and use some of it's secrets. (My brother-in-law managed to pick me up a copy at Gencon and had it autographed. It's been rainy so it stays safe at the house out of the possibility of a torrential downpour)

Sites for Tracy and Margaret can be found below.

All in all I just wanted to say Thank you to Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis for inspiring me to read, and to dream a little more while I'm at it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zombie Noir... and I Like it

FETIDUS or Foundation for the Ethical Treatment of the Innocently Damned, Undead and Supernatural

Mixing Genres is something I like to do in my head I just find some of the combinations funny as all hell - One I never really thought of was Noir Detective stories and Zombie stories. Never in a million years, then again I usually don't go too well for the Detective stories. However some do cross my path that I just can't say no to. Recently I was turned - no pun intended - to notice FETIDUS by James Durham. I discovered it because of a promo for their evil laugh contest back in June that was coupled with a promo for the story - I downloaded it thinking I'd get to it eventually. (My Ipod was maxed out and had to clear some space) Then after my Ipod was stolen and I had to get a newer shinier larger capacity one, I immediately put it on and started listening on my next commute - And now I'm hooked.
Durham does an excellent job with the show - Which he not only wrote the prose for but does the music as well.

There can be a fair amount of time between episode drops but for a full voice cast with original music score no budget, or help I think he does a good job of delivering content. Plus the man has a family which he needs to spend time with and support, so I truly think he's doing a hell of a job getting us content.

I do admit that I get a little grumpy when I'm waiting for content but it's because I can't wait. My wife has to hide Christmas presents at other people's homes so I don't sneak a look at them, but I fully understand and that just makes the next episode that much cooler.

You can find more of James Durham's creative endeavors here at his personal site

The production quality of the FETIDUS podcast is very good, great voices, great acting, awesome music, and just the right amount of suspense.

normally I shy away from detective stories, I never really got into them, but even without the supernatural elements I'd dig FETIDUS though I guess it wouldn't be quite the same it's good story telling a fun ride and an awesome listen.

This will seem harsh to anyone that doesn't already follow FETIDUS and James but he'll get it and undersdtand.

Fuck You Durham ;D

and thank you for giving us Fetidus.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

P.G. Holyfield the man that drug me into my podcast fiction addiction.

That's right P.G. Holyfield I blame you!!!! I Blame you for introducing me to a rich world of awesome content Fiction, and help with writing.

I started listening to podcasts actually by listening to the Dragon's Landing Inn a gaming podcast that was pretty much the only podcast I listened to. They played a promo for Murder at Avedon Hill, I heard the promo a few times so I finally bit and gave it a listen and was hooked fairly early on.

I normally really don't like Mystery stories they're usually either too blatantly obvious or to convoluted and mire me in details that I really don't give a flying fig about. I was very leery coming into Murder at Avedon Hill because it was a murder mystery. I was very pleasantly surprised within the first couple episodes and I forgot completely about it being a mystery and just got sucked in to the wonderful story telling and fantastic voice cast. I've prolly mentioned this before (and likely will again so get used to it)I have a three hour one way commute. P.G. along with many of the others that I'd be exposed to because of MaAH almost made my commute feel like it was over too soon.

I wasn't in on MaAH from the start I got to it a few episodes in but I quickly caught up and sat staring at Itunes every couple days waiting for the next installment. I faithfully waited for the remainder of the 2 years that it took for MaAH to finish. Let me state this I'm an impatient person and usually if I have to wait I say fuck it it's not worth it. P.G. managed to get to me so that I couldn't say no, I couldn't walk away "DAMN YOU HOLYFILED!!" became my cry after each episode because yes you got more info on A, B and C, but the groundwork was being laid for D, E, and F.

For those that haven't had the pleasure of listening to Murder at Avedon Hill - It's a murder Mystery set in a fantasy world. The world and characters can quickly make you forget that you're in a murder mystery and just suck you in. I gave it a second listen through just after it finished up so I could give the story a straight listen from start to finish and was still sucked in even though I already knew what was coming.

Through P.G. I was introduced to Scott Sigler from a story so far that Scott had did, I loved the ranting lunatic style so gave his stuff a listen to and it snowballed from there as I added J.C. Hutchins, Mur Lafferty, Chris Lester, Nathan Lowell, Christiana Ellis, Phil Rossi ( I still blame Phil for scaring the crap out of my last ipod so badly with Crescent that it went into hiding), etc... to the pool of Podcast authors I listen to. I came to one of my favorite podcasts about writing fiction because of P.G. as well - The Dead Robots society. I started giving them a listen after seeing an update on P.G.'s facebook about how he had now joined the DRS crew hosting the podcast.

If it weren't for P.G. I never would have been exposed to the vast sea of podcasts that I listen to now. I also never would have given audio fiction a second look.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dumbassitude in Pimpage.

Well I just realized that I've been lax in my pimpage I haven't been leaving URLs for people to go check out the pimpage yes I admit I am a dumb ass.

Guys and Gals and those that shall remain unclassified due to the shortcomings of science in the early 21st century I am so sorry about forgetting to post links to your sites during your pimpage.

Random Pimpage 1 Pimping those who help.
Dead Robots Society
I Should Be Writing
Tale Chasing
Writing Excuses

Random Pimpage 3 J.C. Hutchins and Phil Rossi making you scared of the dark.
J.C. Hutchins
Phil Rossi

Random Pimpage 5 Our FDO General Siglerisimo - Scott Sigler
Scott Sigler

Our FDO General Siglerisimo - Scott Sigler

P.G. Holyfield may have gotten me started listening to Podcast fiction but Sigler got me hooked. - So I'm guessing that Holyfield was my pot and Sigler was Heroin using that analogy....

Scott Sigler is what I truly look for in an author. He's one of the best authors out there as far as I'm concerned. Stephen King prepare to be dethroned. Seriously Sigler pays great attention to detail, he does a good job of representing hard science in his fiction, there are likely a few points of contention that experts in the field will have but as far as the general layman reader it makes more than perfect sense. But what makes him one of the greats in my book (no pun intended) his ability to not only paint a scene you can almost reach out and touch, but to bring that emotion that the characters are feeling and infect you with it. In Nocturnal there is a scene early on with a gang of bullies picking on a kid. They do something pretty awful to the kid and I'm not going to spoil it here but when they did it... I felt it like I was there like it was happening to me. My brain told me that I was in pain, I dropped my ipod.

Sigler is a true hero too. In the midst of a lot of personal drama last year and early on this year he not only managed to publish 2 hardcover releases (one of which made the NY Times best sellers list) but podcast with only moderate delays and interruptions.

Sigler has a whole stable of Podcast fiction
Earthcore Freaky Aliens deep underground in the Utah badlands.
Ancestor - Genetics gone bad gone very bad - Currently being rewritten for release in hardcover for 2010 I believe through Crown - an imprint of Random House
The Rookie - He describes it as "Any Given Sunday meets the Godfather meets Star Wars I describe it as freaking awesome thought I wasn't gonna like it because of the football, it actually made me semi interested in the sport I don't find football nearly as irritating now - Soon to be in print self Published by the FDO preorder now and it shold be on your threshold on or damned close to NFL Season opening day.
Infected - Alien invasion from the inside - Formerly Infection - Released April 1st 2008 through Crown - an imprint of Random House
Contagious - Sequel to Infected - Infected was so well received that instead of a 2009 release they moved it up to December 2008 through Crown - an imprint of Random House
Nocturnal - Monsters stalk the streets of San Francisco - Too damned big to be released by Crown at this juncture - But Sigler is working on getting this one in print for us.
Bloodcast Season 1 and 2 - Short Fiction
The Crypt New Podcast fiction developed with help from other Authors / Podcasters - Basically I think this would equate to Scott Sigler's imagining of how Battle Star Galactica or a dysfunctional Star Trek would be.

All in all I have no idea why the hell he isn't a household name. Right now there are a fair number of podcast authors that are finally starting to get their due in print, and I think it's a shame no screw that no thought involved I know it's a shame. Which is why I started Random Pimpage in the first place. Too many awesome things out there that are not getting their proper due respect.

Scott Thank you for hours of entertainment and more than a few sleepless nights. (Especially after the Snipe Hunting short fiction in the Bloodcast season 1 and Eusocial Networking from J.C. Hutchins's 7th Son Obsidian).

Bow down to the FDO and let them Plaid Tanks roll

Edit - 11:14 AM CDT 7-21-2009
Like a dumbass I forgot to post a link to Scott's Website -

To check out Sigler's work for yourself please visit

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


If there's something you'd like me to pimp drop me a line @ or leave me a voicemail at 206 203 2165 - This serves as my voicemail for all my blogs and the podcast. You can also hit me up on twitter - @BT8Podcast or my regular twitter feed @RAsplundJr.

I'll check out whatever you want me to Pimp and if I dig it and think others will enjoy it as well I'll pimp it.

There's too much cool crap out there for me to know everything that's going on.

By pimping I mean going out there and shouting (well typing) to the world how cool something is not pimping stuff out to make it cooler.

Most of my pimpage will likely be podcast and podcast fiction oriented (along with those authors' print releases) but I don't have a problem with tweeting, blogging, or podcasting about other cool things that don't get the time in the spotlight that it rightly deserves.

TV Pimpage.

TV - The internet has really done a number on TV, With the ability to download your fave programs or use sites like HULU and the networks own websites to view episodes you've missed (not to mention DVRs and for the truly old school VCRs) TV is more accessible than ever. So I got to thinking there are shows out there that people have no excuse to miss.

I don't have the chance to watch much TV anymore... work, 3 hour commute (one way), working onthe fiction, working on the Blogs, and working on the podcast on top of trying to find time for my wife and three kids is kinda hectic, so a lot of my TV viewing is done barely paying attention to the TV. There are a few shows out there however that I make sure get some time to themselves, and a few that used to hold that slot that are slowly and surely falling out of my MUST watch TV.

*** Lie to Me - Fox - I freaking love this show. Doc Lightman and his team try to crack at least one mystery each week through body language. Likely one of the contenders for the "Could happen" award. I honestly don't know that much about psychology, it's impact on our physiology and body language to know how much of the science in the show is real or crap, but I think it's well written and well acted enough for me not to really care about the hard science behind the premise.

** Chuck - NBC - Yeah I mainly love this show because the geek is the hero. The stories are WAY out there beyond any kind of plausibility but it's still a fun romp.

* Heroes - NBC - Okay I wish it could still be included here but man the show has gotten almost as convoluted as Lost. Sorry Heroes you're dropped to second string.

* Smallville - CW - As much of a comic book geek as I am I have a hard time watching this past season 4... It's a Herculean effort to just turn the show on....

*** Fringe - Fox - Fringe sciences and conspiracies have always interested me, I think had the X-Files been more like this I'd have watched it more often. The major drawing factor for me for this show is Joshua Jackson he gets the best lines in the entire series, followed closely by John Noble (who plays his mad scientist father)it's a good balance of mad science action and humor I've seen on TV in a while.

Sadly these days a lot of my TV viewing is Veggie Tales, Wonder Pets and Teach my kid how to speak foreign languages kiddie cartoons because of the Little Demon Monkey (aka my youngest who's about 1 1/2 at the time of this posting)

Reading through I noticed I don't seem to have the umph I usually put into my pimpage posts I apologize for the lack of enthusiasm in today's post been working a lot of OT and the baby has been cranky means Richie is getting nil for sleep and is low on batteries...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

J.C. Hutchins and Phil Rossi making you scared of the dark.

Two great story tellers bringing back fear of the dark.

J.C Hutchins (@JCHutchins on twitter) is a fantastic storyteller, and podcaster that had his print debut June 9 2009. Personal Effects:Dark Art hit the streets shelves and mailboxes running. I haven't been able to score my copy yet the damn bills keep piling up. Responsibility sucks. I have seen the first 4 chapters and I'm loving it.

Phil Rossi (@PhilRossi on twitter) has his debut of Crescent coming out in just a couple days here on July 9th, 2009 - I'm currently listening (well once I locate my Ipod again) to this in podcast form and I think that's why I can't find my Ipod because Phil Rossi scared the hell out of it and it doesn't want to play any more of crescent - Crescent is a nicely done sci-fi story that will keep you up as much from fueling a fear of the dark as wanting to know what happens next.

Remember to support Hutch and Rossi both by purchasing their books wherever you may find them - Though we do have a Special note - Phil Rossi is trying the ever popular Amazon rush, and he requests that you don't pre-order the novel but rather participate in the rush on July 9th and storm (hopefully Amazon will have their act together and it won't end up repeat of May 15th for Christiana Ellis)

Thank you both for creating some awesome fiction to keep me up into the night, oh and my wife has a few words for you too, but they're not the happy kind as I kinda get wrapped up in listening and forget to come to bed.....

Edit - 11:44 AM CDT 7-21-2009
Like a dumbass I forgot to post a link to Hutch and Phil's Websites -

To Check out their work for yourself please visit their sites below
J.C. Hutchins
Phil Rossi

Monday, July 6, 2009

Those that protect our collective asses.

This last weekend we celebrated Independence day here in the US, non US Citizens would remember it as Saturday.

In light of this holiday and what it means I want to throw out a random pimpage for our men and women that serve and protect our asses on a daily basis.

To our men and women who have served in the past, are currently serving, or will one day serve - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the courage ad strength to do something that I physically (and likely emotionally and psychologically) could not endure. Thank you for defending our freedom, thank you fro protecting our way of life, may you come home safe to your family and friends.

To those in the emergency services (Police, Fire, and EMS) Thank you for being here to pick our asses up after stupidity (our own or that of someone else) comes rushing like a freight train into our lives. Thank you for being here to help pick up the pieces and set us back on the path.

To those who have lost a loved one in the line of duty - my heartfelt condolences at your loss, and my thanks for their service.

Too often these heroes get overlooked and ignored, or spit upon while they're doing their jobs to keep our ingratious asses safe so that we have the privilege to spit in their faces. To those that too often mock these brave men and women I hope one day you don't have to look into their eyes as they pull your ass out of harms way. Because I know I wouldn't be able to bear the shame if I treated these folks like that.

God bless the men and women who keep us safe both on foreign soil and our own. Thank God for the bravery the blood the sweat and the tears these folks shed every day so we can sit and whine about petty things in our air conditioning and coffee shops.

Please keep our protectors safe and let them come home to be with their family, I can't wait for the day when we grow up enough so that we don't need their services anymore, but until we arrive at that day thank God we have people willing to serve. I know it's a dream but that is a dream worth having and a dream worth striving for.

Usually I'm a smart ass and a cynical jerk - But this is one thing that I hold very dear to my heart and I don't think our protectors get nearly enough credit that they deserve. I am lucky enough to have many friends in Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, and the Military and I used to take those professions for granted but knowing some of what these great people have to endure to keep us safe I know that I can never thank them enough. But I have to try to thank them as much as I can.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pimping those who help.

I think I'll start off with a special pimpage post on four very helpful podcasts not just for writers but for creators in any medium yes these are geared for writers but viewed from the proper perspective it can help artists across the board in their various trades.

For those I'm about to Pimp - I salute you.... good thing I have AC/DC on my ipod that would be stuck in my head all freaking day otherwise...

Ladies Gentlemen and those we cannot classify Thank you for being full of awesome, and awesome advice.

Dead Robots Society -
I Should be Writing -
Tale Chasing -
Writing Excuses -

There's a lot of insight and good advice found in these four podcasts.

There's a lot that I've been able to use, a lot that I should be using I just can't get my dumbass to accept it and run with the ball.

Dead Robots Society - found this because of a post I saw from PG Holyfield - The Author that lured me into podcast fiction. The guys over at DRS are fun to listen to, they have very different viewpoints and I find it to be among the best writing podcasts out there. There are pieces from each of their points of view that all strike home and arm me better to deal with my chosen passion hobby and creating fiction - (once I can get my ass in the chair on a regular basis and write then I'll change it to writing fiction) The guys seem to have fun talking about different aspects every week, it fun it's informative, and I'm still catching up old episodes from the archive.
Hosts - Justin Macumber, Terry Mixon, Ryan Stevenson, and PG Holyfield (as of this writing and hopefully for long time to come)

I Should be Writing - don't remember how I found out about I Should be writing - It was a promo in several of the early podcast novels I was listening to and I finally gave it a listen. Mighty Mur Lafferty has a lot of advice. When the podcast started out it was advice from a would be fiction writer to other would be writers with interviews from published authors ever few episodes - Since then Mur is no longer a would be writer but published author with Playing for Keeps which came out late last year. The most important lessons I've gained from the Geek Fu Goddess herself - I'm allowed to suck (and frankly expected to until I practice a lot just like anything else)and get my ass in the chair and write.
Host - Mur Lafferty

Tale Chasing - Found this little gem because of the guys over at the DRS - Kimi was a guest on a show and I headed over to give her podcast a listen shortly thereafter. Kimi Alexandre seems to have taken much the same approach as Mighty Mur and in her endeavors to work on her novel which she's podcasting as she's writing (I don't mean you hear her clacking at the keys but shortly after the chapters are written she'll podcast them) and she interviews other authors along the way. It's fun informative and it's the path I want to eventually take with my own fiction, (but more on that in my Asplund Writing blog this is the random pimpage blog)
Host - Kimi Alexandre

Writing Excuses - Fifteen minutes long because you're in a hurry and (Something witty here). This is one of the first writing podcasts I actually sat down and listened to several episodes in row and basically because it's a short cast I can listen to several of them during my commute and it tries to stay focused tightly on one topic with very little digression. You get different viewpoints on the creation process from two talented writers, and a webcomic writer / artist. It's a fun listen with some good insight into different facets of the writing and publishing process.
Hosts - Brandon Sanderson (Taking over for Robert Jordon on Wheel of Time), Dan Wells, and Howard Taylor.

Edit - 12:06 PM CDT 7-21-2009
I remembered to post the urls but like a dumbass I forgot to make them hyperlinks to their respective sites this has now been corrected.

To Check out their work for yourself please visit their sites below

Let the Pimpage Begin

Now the creation of this blog is solely to pimp some very talented folks and the projects they're working on.

I started doing random pimpage on twitter - and it is very hard to do to my standards in 140 characters or less.

Hence this Blog - Not a whole lot about me is going to end up here It's mostly going to be authors / podcasters / entertainers that I feel need to have a spotlight shone their way.