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Thursday, January 7, 2010

8 Questions - Victim.. er Guest 1 - Kimi Alexandre

When I put out the call for those willing to give my experiment on Random Pimpage a chance I had 2 takers contact me at pretty much the same time... (Sorry Ryan but Ladies first your answers will be up in a couple days.) Our first guest is the lovely and talented Kimi Alexandre of the Tale Chasing podcast for writers and the Guardians Podcast Novel.

Kimi chose the 8 Random Questions from me. Here's what I came up with and her responses -

1) What was the worst trouble you got into as a child?

LOL. That I got caught for or just the worst trouble I ever got into? I was such a square, "good" kid. So many ways to answer this question. The worst thing I did that I got in trouble for had to have been talking on the phone too much and running up a huge bill. I ended up having to pay my mom off with a CD player the guy I'd been talking to bought me and got my phone taken away for a period of time.

I only yelled and disobeyed my mom once and that was to leave the house to go see my boyfriend who'd just broken up with me. Stalker much? LOL

2) How did you get into Podcasting?

Early in 2007 I helped with Podcamp NYC. I ended up being part of the video team and I went around and interviewed a bunch of the sponsors. You'd think that would lead to video casting but since it was about podcasting I got to hear a lot of great panels on how to do a podcast. Once I decided I wanted to do my own podcast it took me a few months to figure out the best cast to run. I tried my hand at 3 different ones at the same time and TaleChasing is the one that took off. The three were a bdsm/sex podcast, a tarot podcast, and then my writing/urban fantasy cast.

3) Who are your Top 8 Favorite Authors and the works that put them on your list?

Laurell K Hamilton: The whole Anita Blake Series
Kim Harrison: Rachel Morgan Series
Lyda Morehouse: The Archangel Series
Jenna Black: Morgan Kingsly series
Larissa Ione: Demonica Series
Stephen R. Donaldson - The Gap Series
Kat Richardson - The Greywalker Series
Jim Butcher - Dresden Series

4) What is your favorite Decadent indulgence?

Going to the all day spa and getting a massage. There is a great one just outside of NYC where you can spend all day in whirlpools, saunas, etc for 35 bucks. The massages are extra. They even have sushi to eat for lunch so that's an extra bonus.

5) Why Urban Fantasy? Are there any other genres you like to work in?

I have always loved supernatural and paranormal things. So urban fantasy really fills that love for me. I do like some scifi but I tend to like stories that are not that far off in the future. Books like Diamond Age and Lyda Morehouse's books that deal with the net and nanotech, and AIs. :)

I could maybe write in the scifi genre like I mentioned above and maybe paranormal romance but that's all I'd do.

6) What Author / Podcaster are you looking forward to working with most in regards to voice acting?

I would love to be a character in something Scott Sigler writes when it comes to podcast fiction. If I could be a voice actress in an author's book I'd love for it to be Larissa Ione and her Demonica Series. If you are asking what podcaster I would like to do voice work would be fun to work with Tee Morris.

7) When did you start writing and Why? Do you remember that "1st" story?

I started writing fairly young. In 7th grade it won me friends I'd lost in 6th grade. The first thing I really remember writing was around 11 I think. I wrote a "news article" about me winning the Miss America Pagent. LOL After that my mom signed me up for a writing program by mail.

8) What was you favorite childhood cartoon and has it influenced your Voice Acting / Writing / Podcasting?

The one I remember the most of Dungeons and Dragons. I know I watched more then that but I can't think of anything right now.
Cartoons didn't really influence my urge to be a voice actor. I didn't even realize it was something I could do or would be good at until I found out about podcasting and podcast books.

** Okay since some of the questions have more than one part technically that is more than 8 questions but meh..... It's my corner of the web if you want to nitpick go somewhere else.

And She also was kind enough to answer some Bonus Questions that are just plain silliness -

b1) What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

This site will tell you all you need to know. It's too much math for me. :P

b2) 42 is the answer but what is the question?

Heh. That's another ultimate math question. :P

b3) If at first you don't succeed _____________ (fill in the Blank)

Beat someone until they tell you you did. LOL

Thanks Kimi for Playing along. Please Check out her podcasts - Kimi can be found on the web at

The Tale Chasing Website -

The Guardians Novel Site

She's also on Twitter under @Talechasing and as @KimiDreams

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Feature - 8 Questions with (Insert Podcaster / Writer Here)

I am a lazy and poor interviewer so to work on those skills I'm Launching an Experiment here on Random Pimpage. 8 Questions. Because I'm a lousy interviewer I thought up a different format to interview questions partially to help me learn to be a better interviewer nad partially because they just seem fun. I have three different formats of 8 Questions. You can choose the format that you want. (or you can choose to do multiple formats or even mix and match I'm easy that way.... just don't tell my wife)

Formats -
1) 8 Questions to Never Ask. - Questions that interviewers / fans ask that they really shouldn't - Answers to questions are not expected because well they are to questions that are annoying / bad - but Explanation as to why you feel it's a bad question can be enlightening.

2) 8 Questions that you never get asked that you wish interviewers / fans would ask. - And answers.

or 3) 8 completely random questions from me. Anything from random trivia to "normal" interview questions.

You can choose a single format or we can do any combination of formats if you wish to participate.

BEst way you can get in touch with me is via Twitter @Rasplundjr or you can send me email at
You can also try the following with slightly less success - Yahoo AIM MSN Skype I use the name rasplundjr EVERYWHERE... ANd of course you can always leave a comment here at Random Pimpage.

Looking forward to interro... er interviewing you yeah interviewing....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Imagine That.... No Really I'm Pimping Tee Morris...

You've heard him in Several Podcasts such as Phillipa Ballentine’s - Chasing the Bard, and Weather Child; PG Holyfield’s - Murder at Avedon Hill; Chris Lester’s - Metamor City; and of course in his own work as well - Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword, and Morevi. He’s also got some non fiction technical credits With Podcasting for Dummies, Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies, All a Twitter, and Sams Teach Yourself Twitter in Ten Minutes. For Now lets concentrate on Tee's Fiction - When I have a chance to sample his Podcasting for Dummies (which may be happening sooner than later if I can get my goals in line this year) and All A Twitter I'll review them separately.

Lets get the Links out of the way.
Tee Morris Main site -
Imagine That Studios
Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword
Morevi - The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana
and Of Course Tee on Twitter

First off let me say that Tee Morris is a freaking great author, and vocal talent. And just because I’m kissing ass for not listening to Billibub sooner doesn’t make it any less true.
The self proclaimed √úbernemesis of all podcast authors wasn't the first Podcast Novel I listened to although he is credited with Releasing the first podcast novel with Morevi the Chronicles of Rafe and Askana written with Lisa Lee. I came into podcast fiction much later. I first heard about Morevi through a promo for Morevi Remastered while listening to Scott Sigler's Nocturnal I believe, I can actually tell you exactly where I was on my drive home it was that kick ass of a preview. Soon as I got home I made Misty (my hottie wife) listen to it and it caught her attention too. Soon as I had a chance after I got home I hopped on Podiobooks and added it to my queue which at that time was too fricking large to begin with. Too many great looking stories too little time. Morevi Remastered got to jump ahead of the line of other things I had yet to download, because for all my knocking that Pirates are just Gay Vikings (Think about it Sea faring raiders, but they dress much nicer and they keep going on about the booty...)I still think they're pretty damned cool. Morevi was one of my worst addictions as far as podiobooks goes... it was a bitch waiting for Tee to update (even in the weeks when he dropped multiple pieces of large chapters face it the boy can write, and put on a hell of a show...well audio...) I was glued to my Ipod until the podcast finally wrapped up (Richie fun fact Morevi was one of the first Podcast Novels I got my 65 year old Ma hooked on).
Morevi is a very thrill packed hold on to your ass or you'll lose it ride. Personally I think many movie studios should be slapped stupid for someone on their staff not taking notice of this and optioning it and getting it into production for the big screen, Pirates of the Who???... Hmmm when I put it that way I know why it hasn’t - Disney is prolly holding everything up to make sure that Pirates of the Caribbean part 987,634,123 Admiral Jack's Gall Stones won't get blasted out of the water by Tee. But seriously it's got it all a touch of Magic, about five metric ass tonnes of Mayhem, a Snarky Queen that can kick ass, and a Glib Charismatic Privateer who's ego is only balanced by more luck than is portioned out to many nations (personally I think it’s because Rafe is knocking da boots with lady luck herself.) Easily one of the most entertaining stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Picture Phantom of the Opera done with a 30 Foot Dragon this is NOTHING like that at all because frankly that would just be weird. But it is a very captivating draw your ass in story. This is one where if I was almost home and not finished with an episode I’d drive around the block... because of this story several of my neighbors thought I was looking for children to snatch (thanks a lot Tee).

Now I'm ashamed to say that though Billibub Baddings and the Case of the singing Sword has been in my Queue at Podiobooks from the day I signed up, I only just listened to it last week for the first time. I am kicking my self in the ass for that now. Billibub was a lot more fun that I thought it was going to be. I'm not much for Noir / Crime stories but that fact that the main character was a Dwarf from a fantasy realm looking for a magical sword... it interested me, just not enough to jump in line. Conversation on twitter made me proclaim that I would not listen to anything on my Ipod in 2010 until I finished Billibub... I think it took maybe 48 hours to finish listening. Savy Dwarf cracking wise to Capone in 1920’s Chicago. It's a detective story that I actually liked a lot, when budget allows I'm going to pick up a copy of Billibub Baddings and the Pitcher's Pendant as well. – Hell when budget allows I want to pick up all Tee’s Stuff.
All in all Tee is a hell of a writer, and a podcaster. He does great comedy, fantastic gripping action, and stories that you can't put down (neither physically nor in an insulting manor)

I only had one complaint...During my first listen through on Morevi Remastered - The explosions were a little too hot and I accidentally elbowed an old man in the face when I was so caught up in the story I jacked the volume so I could hear it over the commotion on the bus and a building went up. I almost wet myself at that particular point too. The rest of the bus thought it was funny, the old man understood because the explosion was so loud it scared him sitting next to me... I had crappy headphones that broadcast more sound to those around me then to me... I've since corrected the earphones issue and the second listen through Morevi the explosions weren't that loud... or I'm going deaf.
All in all Great Job Captain, can’t wait to hear more.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Under the Weather.... Child that is.

Linkage out of the Way
@PhilippaJane - Twitter - Weather Child Website - Chasing the Bard Website - Pips Main Site

What can I say about the Saucy Dark Goddess Kiwi with the voice that can melt earphones in half a heartbeat. - Well she's a hell of an author for one thing.

I'll touch on some of her other podcasts (no pun intended) but this is mostly a review for Weather Child.

Pip could read the phone listings for proctologists and I'd listen to it just because I love the sound of her voice and her accent. That said once again she's done a hell of a job. Weather Child is a great adventure. It is a whirlwind (again no pun intended) ride that leaves you wanting more. Seriously the only issue I had is that I wanted more of it I wanted longer episodes and much longer run. I'd listen to it even if it were read by Fran Drescher, and I cannot stand her voice.

One of the things I like about the story is the bouncing back and forth between Jack and Faith and their very different perspective about their powers. I also liked the vivid painting of New Zealand in that period. It's a story that puts it's hooks into you so gently that you don't even realize it until you decide hey it's time to turn off the Ipod and go to bed... well one more episode won't kill me... Ladies and Gentlemen just like Jays Potato Chips you can't stop at just one, but unlike the chips it won't accumulate on you butt and hips!!!

Seriously just like I expected out of Pip great characterization you really were able to feel like Lily, Faith, and Jack were alive you get drawn into them and when the bad bad things happen to them (and yes some serious evil is laid down) you genuinely get pissed for them. It's a great story great characterization and a hell of a ride. Let's not forget the smooth sultry tones of the Lovely Miss Ballentine doing the narration - Also Features the voice of some guy... can't think of his name... it's a letter...oh yeah P.. wait no G... D.... Dee Morris wait that's still not quite it... Tee that was it Tee Morris.

Pip is another one that I don't like to listen to their work until it's complete because I get so sucked into it that it drives me to distraction.

Some of Philippa's other works are Chasing the Bard (Awesome story about Shakespeare and the Fae), She's currently releasing Digital Magic the sequel to Chasing the bard as part of the Triple Threat with JD Sawyer of the Anithesis Progression and Chris Lester of Metamor City, and she also has an Erotica Podcast (hence the no pun intended earlier when I was talking about touching) Erotica Ala Carte - Due to the fact that I love my wife and respect her views and wishes I will not be reviewing that Podcast - But I will say this - That voice applied to THAT kind of podcast, I think some people might need some alone time during / after listening. AND I will encourage others that are into that kind of thing to give it a listen

Pip thanks for the stories, can't wait to listen to what's next but of course I have to wait for it to finish.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pimpage my way - My Madness and Method

Some people may notice that I only seem to give decent reviews over here at Random Pimpage - and well that's because this is Pimpage not Pimp Slappage. If I don't like a work I'm not going to post about it, or will at least find the nicest thing I can say about it. I'm not gonna drag people through the mud and slime (or at least I hope I don't go all douchebag and do that shit)but I'm not gonna blow sunshine and smoke up someone's ass either.

Momma always said if you can't say something nice shut the hell up or you'll have a size six lodged in your ass. - Momma may be small but she's part Irish and she's scrappy.

I'm going to take Mom's advice if I don't like something I will prolly just let that particular person know the details I'm not going to piss on anyone's cornflakes here in the blog because that's not cool, and just because I don't like something doesn't mean that it's shit, it just means that it's not my taste.

If you have something you'd like me to check out I'm on twitter as @RAsplundJr or you can email me at Just please be sure to put Random Pimpage in the subject line.

Tumbling with the Gearheart.

Okay last week I said this week was gonna be Tumbler vs The Gearheart so here it goes.
First off I want to Say to Brand Gamblin the author of Tumbler, and to Alex White the Author of The Gearheart. You guys suck... I got interrupted in my listening this weekend for minor family issues and spent the entire weekend itching to get back to both stories.

Let us get the Links out of the Way

Brand and Tumbler on Twitter - @BrandG @TumblerNovel

Tumbler Novel on the Web -

Tumbler on -

Alex and the Gearheart on Twitter - @ALRUFF @TheGearheart

The Gear Heart on the web -

The Gearheart on -

I had just caught up with another Podcast Novel that one of my twitter buddies wrote that several more of my twitter buddies had suggested in previous weeks. There were two others that I wanted to listen to - Brand with his Tumbler Novel, and Alex with The Gearheart. So I asked the tribe for their opinion which one next? Then it became a funny me first contest between Alex and Brand. Finally I decided to do it the old fashioned way I flipped my Two Face coin. It came up bad heads so then I realized I never said who was going to be which side and when I asked which was the ugliest they fell silent.... So instead I had to go side by side listen to a couple of one then the other....

It made for a very difficult time because both are damned good, had I gotten in from eh beginning my ass wouldn't have had this issue because I'd only have on episode at a time.

Both are excellent stories. As far as which one is better, that would be like comparing apples and forks.

Tumbler is a gripping tale of a young woman trying to make it on her own in space after she's lost everything. Compare that to The Gearheart and what seems to be a pulpy steam punky 1930's alternate earth featuring Spys slinging spells along side the bullets. Both are fucking excellent. Both are addcting.

As far as a winner is concerned, I think that goes to me and anyone else that listens to these great shows.

Tumbler Brief review - Great story it's a fairly short run of 11 current episodes with one more to come. No chatter you get pure story wrapped in a standard intro / outro read by SV Allie. But you get some good story. Fans of Nathan Lowell and his Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series will more than likely like this series as well. No epic space battles, no weird ass aliens coming to wipe out humanity. Just the story of a young person coming to grips with losing everything. Libby is a very plucky young woman that is entertaining to listen to. She has some real growth during the story. I get a nice western vibe out the whole deal though that might be from the mining. It's a very compelling story that draws you in and definitely makes a commute slide by like nothing at all. Seriously almost 3 hour commute slipped by like it was 30 minutes. I really need to start thinking of a rating system here but I'd really have to say that (no pun intended since it is set in space) Brand Gamblin is a rising star and I really can't wait to see what he puts out next. Great job bro and thank you very much for sharing this with us.

The Gearheart Brief review - (Incomplete I'm only on ep 16 of 27 and I'm not sure how many there will be in the Novel) Now if you're looking for adventure and excitement and lets face it since we're not Jedi it's cool to crave these things, you can find a lot of that here in Alex White's The Gearheart. Alex is the Host, the Writer and the performer of the male voices with his wife Renee picking up the voices of the female characters. Nice use of accents, vocal talent and effects to separate the characters from each other. It's a group of Occult spies trying to prevent the destruction of the world. Interesting take on Steam Punk and magic. This is my first major foray into the world of steam punk other than trying to play a few RPGs and a couple of Else Worlds DC Comics based on steam punk in my 20s. I have to say as a genre it was one that I tended to shy away from because I never really grasped it. Well I didn't have to grasp it The Gearheart grasped me and is refusing to let go. Secret Societies, Clockwork Robots powered my magic infused with the what seems to be the souls of people, and real freaky assassins. This sounds like it should be a cartoon geared (no pun intended)prime time or even the big screen. Hell of a story, can't wait to finish catching up and to hear the rest of it.

Both Alex and Brand are good guys, they're fun and funny to chat with on Twitter. Brand actually inspired me for NaNoWriMo with a tweet that I think he was just goofing with me on but I took a different spin. These are two very talented Podcasters and authors. They are more than worth your time to listen to. They are more than worth your time to get to know and chat with on twitter.

Good Luck Gentlemen and I'll be listening.