Thursday, November 12, 2009

When it ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY has to be there Dead or Alive...

Welcome back to more Random Pimpage.

This Week I'd like to talk about a little gem I found called V & A Shipping by J.R. Murdock.
But before I get into it let me get some links out of the way.

I really like this story, it's fun It's a little bit like Star Wars meets Smokey and the Bandit though I'd say maybe a little more like Red Dwarf meets Smokey and the Bandit without the annoying Hologram...

I always give a Podcast 4 Episodes before I decide to kill it or keep it. Inside an Ep and a half I knew I wanted to keep this one around. I caught up the entire feed within 24 hours but I do have a 3hour commute each way so I have the time...

J.R. does a great job with the podcast - Production value somewhere around Sigler - Not quite a straight read but not a full voice cast. J.R. Provides all the voices himself. It's Sci Fi with not so much concentration on the Sci and a large helping of the Adventure in the Fi.

I started out on Podiobooks feed and started DLing the main feed just to see if he has any chatter. Story eps are pure store with an intro and outro (and he's classy enough to thank you for listening acknowledging there are a lot of podcasts out there and thank you for taking the time to listen to his) and then he has the podcasts with what's going on with him and his life. I really like that approach it allows me to listen to what I'm in the mood for If I'm just in the mood for story skip the Captain's log for later (which I haven't yet well technically I did but that's just because I listened to the first 13 eps from Podiobooks before I took the time to DL the main feed).
Seriously Give him a listen , and a follow on twitter.

Next week the face off between Gamblin and White who will win.....

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